Our Story

How it all started...

It all started 2000 years ago when Jesus commissioned his disciples to go into the world and share the great news about his coming kingdom.  Those early believers had been transformed by the power of the gospel message and changed by God's love.  They wanted the world to know and experience the same.

Starting with that first generation of Christians, God's people have been endeavoring to live for Him and reach their communities with His love.

Our heart today is to pick up their baton and pass to a new generation the greatness of God and live wholly devoted to Him.

Not just a Church, a Family.

Since launching in Warwick in 2005, the heart of our church community is that of a family. We want to love God, love others, and truly care about the lives of the people around us.

Sunday is more than just a meeting, it's a time to worship God and connect with each other.  And during the week, in home fellowships, we share meals, experience life, and study the Bible, together.

Being a family has always been God's heart for the world from the beginning. We don't want to just go to church, we want to be the church.

Serving & Experiencing God

We want to be a church that loves each other, serves our neighbors, and glorifies God. We want to be faithful to the Bible and dependent on the Spirit of God.  The real "leader" of our church is Jesus and we want to follow Jesus and go wherever he may lead. We want to be truth-seekers, generous givers and testifiers.

And we want you to be a part of this exciting adventure. Imagine not just knowing about God but knowing God personally.  Imagine being apart of a genuine and loving family and having your life transformed.  This is God's heart for you and the mission of His church.  This isn't just something that happened 2000 years ago, it's still happening today. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10am