Winter Class Sign Up

January 27, February 3rd & 10th

Winter Classes

We've got some exciting classes planned for 2020.  We'll meet for three Monday nights (January 27, February 3rd & 10th) at Living Faith Christian Church from 7:30-9pm.   Make your selection below.  If signing up for more than one person please complete form and refresh page to complete for additional person.

Here are our classes for the 2020 session:
[Communication] Cherie Roach
A 3 week participative and interactive class on behavioral styles, emotions and the Bible.  A fun way to learn about yourself, others and how this can be used for God’s ultimate purpose.

[Cultivating A Fruitful Life] Victor Gluckin
Jesus said that if we “abide” in him, we will bear much fruit.  Is that true of you and I? It seems in the modern world, we’re often “busy” but not always fruitful. Together we will discover and discuss practices and disciplines that will cultivate a life that is not just full but fruitful.

[Transforming The Mind] Pam Bzdyra
We are in a battle. As Christians, we understand that the battle is a Spiritual one that we win through Christ. But we also need to fight the other battle; the one between our ears!  Our thought life plays a huge part in our daily walk with the Lord. In this class, we will be looking at transforming our minds from the way the world wants us to think to the way the Lord wants us to think!