UPDATE: We have resumed limited in-person gatherings and as a result this page is not longer the most up to date.  For more info, contact us.

We don't go to church.
We are the church

Now, perhaps more than ever, we are aware that "church" is who we are not what we do or where we go.  The first Christians lived in both peaceful and difficult times and prioritized fellowship with each other and love for their neighbors during every season.  During the season of COVID-19 we are adjusting so that we ensure we stay connected with God and each other.

While we are encouraged to practice "social-distancing" we must practice spiritual closeness.

Here you will find  information about our online fellowships, prayer meetings and other gatherings.  In addition, we know hearts are tender and heavy and so there are also places where we can help take care of each other where needs arise.

And every day...
from house to house,
they kept right on preaching
Jesus as the Christ.
Acts 5:42

The latest listing of
fellowships & prayer times

How can we pray for you?

How are you?
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How can we help?
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