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Joe Testa
February 25, 2018

Parables (Part 7) – The Pharisee & The Tax Collector

Parables (Part 7) - The Pharisee & The Tax Collector

What makes a person in a “right” relationship with God? Is it the good things they do? Is it found through religious devotion? Through this parable, Jesus teaches us that it is faith, and faith in Christ, that makes a person righteous.

February 10, 2013

Identifying The Idols

Identifying The Idols

The ancient Greeks and Romans worshiped many different gods represented by a multitude of idols. Though these idols are no longer worshiped in America, the ideas and ideals they represented are still worshiped. Though we may not be aware, we too may be serving these gods by living for the things they represented. However, these […]